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The EasyGrab Skate Bag – Designing Something That Makes Sense

When I was a kid skating, skate bags were never really a thing. Whenever I was in a place I couldn’t skate, I simply carried my board (and yes, there were times I ‘mall-grabbed’ it because I live in a country that is 95% malls). I never really thought about it and just accepted that either you carry your board or you don’t have your board.

As an older skater, though, I can see how skate bags make sense. Correction, the idea of skate bags makes sense. What do I mean by that? Simply this: When I started looking at skate bags I realised one thing: The bags I found mostly didn’t make sense to me from a design perspective.

The thing about most Skate bags is this – They come in two forms. The first is a simple duffel style bag where the board is lowered into the bag and then slung across the shoulder to bounce on your back. When there is no board in the bag, the skater is skating with what looks like a poorly made windsock strapped to his or her shoulder.

Two main issues: either it didn't make sense or it just wasn't practical

The second type is a standard backpack with additional Velcro straps on the outside that a skater can strap his or her board to, so that the board is secured but on the outside of the bag and sticking out.

In my humble opinion, there were two main issues here. Either the designs didn't make sense or they just weren't practical. So, I started thinking about what it would take to make a skate bag that would be practical and useful, whether you were carrying a board or not.

I decided that what we needed was a bag that would fit comfortably when there was a board inside but would also not be cumbersome when the board was taken out. I started doing some research, looking at all sorts of different bags and pulling the best elements together.

I brought my ideas to a manufacturer who helped me fine tune the design elements and then we started talking about materials. Without a doubt, I knew we needed something that was water-resistant because, frankly, this is Asia. There is a lot of rain and nobody wants their boards to get wet, but I also knew we needed something sturdy and durable.

What we came up with was a water-resistant, foldable bag that had options. If you’re carrying your board, you can unfold the whole bag, fit your board inside and still have space for your gear, pads and there are additional pouches for anything else you're carrying, like skate tools, wax, mobile phone or tablet. There is even a dedicated clip for your keys! If you’re skating, the bag can be folded up so that it doesn’t get cumbersome and hang off you in all different ways. Essentially, however you wear it, it’s neat and comfortable.

To add to the comfort levels, we decided to include backpack straps that could be tucked away if not needed and a sling strap that could be removed so, depending on the preference of the skater, the bag could either be used as a backpack or a sling bag.

And thus was born the EasyGrab Water-Resistant Skate Bag. It’s practical, comfortable, stylish and does what you need it to. But don’t take our word for it, see what some of our customers have said about it.

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