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Team Building Program

Here at United Skates, we offer a team building event that allows corporate teams to come together and show off their creativity whilst learning to adapt and innovate.

This Team Building event generally lasts for about three to four hours and it can be facilitated with a smaller group size of 10, or a larger group of up to 30 participants.

Participants in this Team Building event will get the chance to face and overcome unexpected challenges that will require them to think outside the box. They will get to:

  • Learn the ins-and-outs of skateboarding from the ground up

  • Have their newfound knowledge and skills put to the test in competitive challenges

  • Learn the importance of relying on your team to succeed

To find out more, please contact us at: or call +65 9489 0946

The GET UNITED Challenges

Build a Skateboard_edited.jpg

Build A Skateboard

Challenge 1

Teams will get a chance to build and design their own skateboard with help from our team, but they will face some unexpected challenges!


Learn to Skate

Challenge 2

Participants will get the chance to learn the basics of skateboarding so that they will be able to stand, push and navigate on a board!

Crossover Challenge

Challenge 3

The Crossover Challenge will allow team mates to work together to solve a logic puzzle and utilise the skateboarding skills they have already learned!


Skate Games

Challenge 4

Team Members will get a chance to put their newfound skills to the test with fun and innovative skate games where they will need to work together to succeed!

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