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Concrete Skate and Bike Park

The Collective Indoor Skatepark & School

Street Skating

The true genesis of skateboarding, and one reason why it was originally referred to as “Sidewalk Surfing’, street skating is focused on flatground tricks, grinds, slides and aerials. It’s usually done on streets, curbs, benches, handrails and other elements of urban and suburban landscapes and our street skating section leaves nothing out!

The Street section at The Collective will feature ledges, curbs, rails, banks and launch ramps, everything skaters will need to up their street game!

Transition Skating

Originally discovered by the infamous “Z Boys” in the 70s and revolutionized by The Birdman himself, Tony Hawk, transition skating redefined and raised the ceiling on what skateboarding could be.

The Collective's transition section has a 3-foot half-bowl as well as 2.5, 3, 4 and 4.5-foot quarter pipes. We want to make sure that there is something for everyone!

Getting Airborne - The Foam Pit

One thing skaters love to do is get into the air, and once you're airborne there is so much you can do! But learning to get there means having a place to try out different manuevers safely and with no fear of getting hurt.

The Collective has the answer to that with Singapore's only Foam Pit Launch! With a  9-foot roll-in ramp that leads to a 20-foot by 20-foot foam pit, skaters will get more than enough speed to launch and be able to try out aerial stunts they've never dreamed of before!

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