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Skate Camps

Our full-on, two day skate camp program is a great way to spend the school holidays and will go a long way towards helping skaters who are keen to progress their skills quickly, as well as first-timers who can’t wait to learn!


Our Skate Camp offers two full days of coaching, practice and training in a program designed to suit all levels of skaters and allow them to reach their full potential.

Each skate camp consists of a 2-day curriculum that will cover safety techniques and basic balancing activities before progressing into other skateboarding skills. Progression will depend on the comfort level of the students, and our coaches will cater to student’s skill level individually, allowing them to progress at a pace that is best suited and personalised to each student.

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Daily Itinerary for Skate Camps

10:00                    Circle Time – Introductions and Set Goals

10:00-10:45          Learning/Reaching Goals

10:45                     Water Break

10:50-11:45            Learning

11:45-12:00            Free Skating

12:00 -1:00            Lunch Break

1:00-2:00              More Learning/Reaching Goals

2:15                       Water Break

2:15-2:30              Review what we’ve learned for the day

2:30-3:30             Skate Games

3:30                      Close Out The Day

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