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Project Valkyrie: Empowering Female Skateboarders

Join us for an exhilarating initiative designed to empower and embolden young female skateboarders - Project Valkyrie. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to cultivate confidence and foster a sense of empowerment in girls passionate about skateboarding.

Project Valkyrie organizes all-girl group skateboarding sessions at public skateparks, creating a supportive and inclusive environment where participants can hone their skills and amplify their self-assurance. By uniting in these sessions, girls can shed any feelings of intimidation or self-consciousness, replacing them with a strong sense of belonging and encouragement.

Our goal is to empower these girls, instilling in them the confidence to take on skateboarding at any park independently. Through mentorship, guidance, and the camaraderie of fellow skateboarders, Project Valkyrie aims to equip these young athletes with the assurance and determination they need to fearlessly navigate the skateboarding world.

Let's champion confidence, celebrate individuality, and break barriers together with Project Valkyrie. Embrace the skatepark with assurance, knowing you're part of a community that uplifts and supports your skateboarding journey. Come, skate, and thrive with us!

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