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Cariuma VALLELY Pro Mystery Blue

Cariuma VALLELY Pro Mystery Blue

SKU: CAR075003
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Mike Vallely knows his skate shoes.


Designed together with Skateboarding's Renaissance Man, Mike Vallely, Cariuma has created an icon: A high-performance skate shoe with a heart.


This shoe is 100% vegan and introduces a new material to the sustainable design toolkit: Vegan Suede. Tough like Mike, this innovative material is 2.5x more resistant than animal suede and developed exclusively for this collaboration.


The shoe’s durable upper is complete with breathable, recycled mesh lining and recycled webbing, featuring rubber reinforcement and a triple-stitched flick point. With Cariuma's signature plant-based insoles and a vulcanized natural rubber outsole, the Mike Vallely Shoe is created with long-wearing grip and all-day comfort in mind.


As one of the uncontested architects of modern street skating, the powerful, undeniably stylish Mike V doesn’t play around when it comes to looks. Notice the contrasting materials, the silhouette, even the detailed stippling on the toe – all subtle nods to the basketball shoes Mike famously preferred to skate in the 80s.

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