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Parent Guide


In addition to the above Safe Management Measures, additional measures for programmes and classes are as follows:

Reduced Group Sizes

  • While individual classes will carry on with 1 instructor and 1 participant, grouped Programmes and classes will be temporarily suspended.


Check-in & Check-out

  • Come about 5-10 min before your programme (but not too early) for processing.

  • To facilitate contact tracing, skaters are required to check-in via the TraceTogether application or token.

  • If you don’t have the TraceTogether App or token, you are required to bring your NRIC or Student Pass to facilitate Safe Entry Check-in and Check-out. 

  • Instructor/Park staff to ensure every child/participant is checked in and out using Safe Entry

  • Instructor/Park staff to ensure participants have their temperature taken and hands are sanitized before entry. 

  • Instructor/Park staff to issue and collect rental equipment before and after the session.

  • Bring your own personal equipment (safety gear, water supplies) if possible. No sharing of equipment. Rental equipment will be quarantined at least 24 hours between different users.


During the Training Session

  • Within the group, participants are to maintain 1-metre distancing whenever possible.

  • Each group will have designated waiting and training areas.

  • Each group should maintain at least 3-metre distance from other groups.

  • Instructors to minimise physical contact with participants, and to rely on visual or verbal cues.

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